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While continuing to write and perform original music around the world (as "Rich Aveo" having recorded 2 records with Multi-Platinum producer Anthony J. Resta), Rich has taken his years of entertaining experience to share his talents more personally. With an existing repertoire of over 4,500 popular songs ranging from the classics to today's hits, Rich's unique vocal range showcases his ability to capture the musical nuances of every style from hot dance favorites, to the crooners of yester-year.


As one of the most in-demand performers in the country, Rich consistently performs over 300 shows a year at various clubs and private appearances, and continues to wow audiences nationwide with his unimaginable vocal range, a knack for connecting to an audience, and an amazing passion for performing and elevating everyone he entertains.


Where have you heard Rich's work?


- MTv "The Real World"

- E! Channel - "Keeping Up With the             Kardashians

- Oxygen Network - "Bad Girls Club" and       "Love Games"

- Z100 radio

- Madison Square Garden

- Prudential Center

- The Cristina Show (Univision) Miami, FL

- Luar (Variety Show) SPAIN

- Images NJN Network

- Puerto Rican Day Parade (NJ/NYC)

- Lincoln Center, NYC

- NJPAC (Newark)

- Symphony Hall (Newark)




The Beginning

From the tender age of 7, Rich has been entertaining and wowing audiences. Through pure connection and tireless dedication to his music, the young Rich began to mature as quickly as his evolving musical abilities. His father - a charasmatic, retired singer/writer - was no stranger to the local music scene.  He used his contacts at venues to book Rich as a young, classical pianist.  By age 13, Rich would take the stage at some of NJ's largest and most prestigious venues, receiving numerous awards, and going on to win the state's most competitive contests as a concert pianist.  He would go on to be asked to perform the National Anthem at the Puerto Rican Day Parade...but he knew in his heart there would be more to his story.


Later Years

He knew classical piano alone was just the beginning for him, and this is where he found a bit of a 'hidden talent'; his voice. He began secretly writing his first song at the age of 14 while sitting at a moderately out-of-tune practice piano at the school after hours, while the rest of his friends would hit the basketball courts at the park.  A few years later, he went on to record this song with an original trio with two childhood friends, and they would land a showcase on international television, performing on the world-renown Latin talk-show, "Cristina" in Miami, FL. This spot eventually led the group to Madrid, Spain where they would complete a radio tour and perform on other international shows overseas.  A few years to follow, the original trio would break up, but this did not stop his momentum.  


He would go on to score several domestic accomplishments such as invitations to sing the National Anthem at The Prudential Center and MSG sporting events, as well as getting his original compositions placed on numerous National television shows, and sharing the stage with some of the world's most renown performers and musicians...

His Mission

Rich is dedicated to the idea that the world is a better place when people are elevated.  He believes fully that by elevating one listener at a time with his passionate creative expression, he can help make the world a wonderful place of enlightened, inspired and elevated individuals. 


"I make people feel things for a living.  It's a dream come true.  It's not so much about the fame; it's about turning someone's whole day around by giving them a great performance and taking them somewhere they didn't expect to be emotionally on a random Monday night...they go home happy...and happiness is contagious.  When someone comes up to me after a show and genuinely says "thank you so much for that, you made my day"'s the single greatest thing I could ever hear, and I know I'm serving the world."